Mister Model Activity
Mister Model is a code generation system. It takes a UML model expressed as XMI and generates source code via a plug-in architecture. At this time, Mister Model has plugins to generate Perl, Java, and XML Schema.

Mister Model addresses the serialization failure that occurs when arbitrarily complex objects are passed between a web service written in one language and consumed by a client written in another.

The difference between Mister Model and other solutions is that the classes it generates are serializable and deserializable via the Apache Axis and SOAP::Lite SOAP toolkits.

Through the use of Mister Model-generated classes, web services can be consumed without having to consider which language the service or client is written.

A plesant side effect to use this approach is that models that documenting the classes used in a system remain as design artifacts. These artifacts are important in understanding the relationships between the classes in the system.